1.1 General running of the COMPETITION

1.1.1 The tournament: the COMPETITION (NEO GEO WORLD TOUR SEASON 2 REGION STOPS) is a double elimination tournament (called “double bracket”). At each stage of the COMPETITION, each PLAYER is to fight against one other PLAYER only during a play (the PLAY). A play is made up of several matches where PLAYERS fight against each other during Rounds (there are 3 rounds per match).

1.1.2 Victory and defeat: to win a PLAY, a PLAYER must be the 1st of the 2 PLAYERS to win 2 matches (best of 3, BO3); except for the last play of the NEO GEO WORLD TOUR SEASON 2 REGION STOPS where, to win a PLAY, a PLAYER must be the 1st of the 2 PLAYERS to win 3 matches. According to the accepted terms, only the winners final, losers final and grand final will be played in 3 winning matches (best of 5, BO5).

1.1.3 At the end of each PLAY, the winning PLAYER remains in the winning tournament tree (« winners bracket »); the losing PLAYER moves to the losing tournament tree (« losers bracket »). When a PLAYER is the loser in the losing tournament’s tree, he is permanently eliminated from the COMPETITION.

1.1.4 In the "Grand Final" of NEO GEO WORLD TOUR SEASON 2 REGION STOPS, if the player of "winners bracket" wins the PLAY, he will become the champion of the tournament. However, if the player of "losers bracket" wins the PLAY, both of them will have to enter another PLAY - "bracket reset", which has the same rule as the grand final, and the scores of matches for both players will be reset to zero. During the "bracket reset" PLAY, for any players that wins, he will become the champion of the tournament.

1.1.5 Duty to be on time: the PLAYER must check in on due time for the launch of his match. If, after several calls, a PLAYER fails to check in for his match at the announced time, the other PLAYER of the PLAY will be considered as the default winner of the PLAY. In the case of a winner bracket PLAY, the PLAYER is sent to the losers bracket. In the case of a losers bracket PLAY, he will be disqualified from the COMPETITION.

1.1.6 Behaviour duty: PLAYERS must have an exemplary behaviour during the EVENT, particularly during the COMPETITION phases. Withholding other competitors, pushing them away, hitting them or impeding them in any way shall result in their disqualification. The COMPETITION manager is entitled to disqualify any participant. The Tournament Manager’s decision shall be final and without any right of appeal.

1.2 Set of rules for the matches:

1.2.1 The ORGANISER will appoint referees who will look after the proper running of the tournaments. Save otherwise specified by the The ORGANISER, the referee shall be the only person having a say on the sports choices related to the tournament, during matches. No match is to be launched without the referee’s prior consent.

1.2.2 The player side selection (player 1, player 2) for the first round of the NEO GEO WORLD TOUR SEASON 2 REGION STOPS will be a random lot draw made at the beginning of the event. For the other rounds, the positions «Player 1» or «Player 2» will be given out automatically according to the evolution of the Challonge bracket after the initial draw of lots (higher position = Player 1 / lower position = Player 2).

1.2.3 The stage (the virtual setting of the video game where the fight is to take place) will compulsorily be chosen by selecting the RANDOM option. No forced choice of stage shall be accepted.

1.2.4 However, if the 2 PLAYERS have agreed beforehand to choose a particular stage, they will be allowed to select it manually.

The King of Fighters '98 Specific rules:

  1. EX mode is banned.
  2. Omega Rugal is banned.
  3. Infinite combos are banned. Loops are limited to 2 times.
  4. Floating glitches are banned.

The following actions are allowed:

  1. Unblockables(Fireballs, Daimon's Jirashin).
  2. Chizuru's invincible continuation.

1.2.5 Choosing characters.During the same PLAY, only the PLAYER who has lost a match can change character for the following match. The winning PLAYER has to keep the same character which enabled him to win.

1.2.6 PLAYERS must configure their buttons and check their proper operation during a testing game before the official start of the PLAY. No button configuration change shall be tolerated once the official match has been launched, which PLAYERS accept now.

1.2.7 Any voluntary or involuntary break caused by a PLAYER or by his own equipment, except for any problem related to the game console, shall result in the loss of the round for the actual PLAYER, without any possible argument.

1.2.8 Should any VIDEO GAME software, console or internet connection related incident (the incident) happen to interrupt a PLAY or a match, the following rules should be applied:

- If the incident takes place during the first round of a match, the match will restart from the beginning, but the set score of the PLAY (in terms of match) will be kept.

- If the incident takes place during the second round, the match will be resumed. If the leading PLAYER of a round wins the first round of this new match, he/she will get the point. If appropriate, the second PLAYER will be the winner of the 2 rounds of this new match to get the point.

- If the incident takes place during the third round of a match, a new match will be started to decide on the PLAYERS’ score. The winner of the first round of this match will get the point.


2.1 Damage: any PLAYER who damages any elements placed at the disposal of the PLAYERS by the ORGANISER for the EVENT shall have to repair and/or shall be prosecuted.

2.2 All the PLAYERS who use a PS4 pad must imperatively disconnect it from the PS4 being used after each match. In case of disconnection, if the PLAYER interferes with another match with his own still connected pad (by pressing the « home » button), he will be declared as forfeited for his next match.