About the tour

NEO GEO WORLD TOUR (NGWT) is a world tour authorized by SNK for most of the NEO GEO games, including but not limited to the famous THE KING OF FIGHTERS series, SAMURAI SPIRITS series, FATAL FURY series and METAL SLUG series. NGWT will hold no less than 16 official competitions each season and will also cooperate with local e-sports groups and game show organizers around the world to get more players to participate.


"THE KING OF FIGHETERS XIV" and "THE KING OF FIGHTERS '98" are the main games of the second season of NGWT, and "METAL SLUG" will also set up a world points competition.

Tour Structure

NEO GEO WORLD TOUR will hold official competition in no less than 16 regions around the world, most of which will have specified nationality requirements. Winner from each region must fulfil the specified nationality requirements to be the qualifier (the “Reginal Representative”). The Regional Representative will be invited to participate in the NEO GEO WORLD TOUR final (the “Finals”) which will be held in each summer to decide who is the final champion. 

  • Each regional competition will determine a Regional Representative for each designated game.
  • No less than 16 “Regional Representative” will be invited to participate the Finale.
  • The Finals will determine the final champion of the season.


All competitions will be live streamed via the official twitch channel of NEO GEO WORLD TOUR. Keep on the lookout for announcements regarding stream times and schedules.